Beers without tears - low alcohol beer review Summer is here (well, on and off for those of us in Britain), and I know that you lovely readers often ask what kind of drink is a good choice when the sun’s out. I’ve been hunting around for something different and would like to thank the guys at Krombacher for sending me some free samples to try. Here’s my low alcohol beer review!

Beers without tears - low alcohol beer review
As you know, I’m a big fan of gin and tonic as my alcoholic drink of choice, however, I was very intrigued to try these low alcohol beers from Krombacher as I’m always keen to taste something new! I asked for extra info and found out that they are the largest brewery in Germany, the biggest family owned and operated brewery in Europe and, their beers have been produced exclusively in Krombach since 1803 according to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. This states that only 4 ingredients can be used in the brewing of beer – water, hops, barley and yeast.

As you know, I’m all about balance when it comes to eating and drinking delicious food (I hope you are too!), so they sent me two different flavours to sample – Krombacher Pils and Krombacher Weizen. The best bit is each beer has less than > 0.5% alcohol per bottle.

Beers without tears - low alcohol beer review Krombacher Weizen
Obviously, these guys understand the process for making low alcohol beer better than me, so I’ll let them explain it:
“Krombacher low alcohol wheat beer is a natural, low-calorie and isotonic thirst-quencher with a full-bodied, fruity flavour. Krombacher Weizen low alcohol is brewed according to the same strict criteria as the Krombacher Wheat Beer which contains alcohol. The fresh banana-like aroma is finely balanced with the wheat malt aromas and light hopped notes.”
Now, from my own taste testing, I would say that it definitely smells fruity and although it looks cloudy, I thought it had a very mellow, crisp flavour. One of the things that puts me off beer is that it often has a very strong taste, so this was a lovely surprise to me. I actually thought that I wouldn’t mind having a bottle in the fridge to enjoy on a warm summer’s evening when I’m relaxing at home.

Beers without tears - low alcohol beer review
Krombacher Pils
Here’s the official info about making the Pils:
“Brewed using exactly the same ingredients as its famous Pils, this beer then goes through a process of de-alcoholisation developed in Krombach, enabling the beer to retain the unique aroma which originates during the brewing process. Gleaming golden appearance, slightly sweet on the palate, the sweetness soon changes to a fine malty flavour and lightly hopped dryness.”
This one was definitely stronger in smell, flavour and gassier than the Weizen. It had that real ‘beer taste’ that I’m not very keen on, but my friend loved it because it tasted just like a proper beer and it was so much lower in alcohol. Although I preferred the Weizen, I would stock up on both for my friends so that they had the choice when we are spending lovely summer days together.

Beers without tears - low alcohol beer review
Of course, being a foodie means I can’t leave you without some ideas of recipes that would work nicely alongside these Krombacher low alcohol beers, so here are my suggestions. I think the Weizen would pair up nicely with a fish dish, delicious mixed salads or BBQ chicken. I think of drinking it with light and flavourful recipes that you are eating outside. I’d use the Pils for something more intensely flavoured like beer batter or as part of a sauce for something like a steak or other rich meat recipes. It has a lovely depth of flavour that would work well with a hearty dish.

Beers without tears - low alcohol beer review If like me, you enjoy a few drinks in the sunshine, then you might like to give Krombacher low alcohol beers a try! You can find out more about them here and follow them on Twitter,  Facebook or Instagram.

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