BodyMe Protein Bars 7Hello everyone, there is a special offer just for you at the end of this post, so keep reading for a clean and tasty discount! I can’t believe how busy life is right now, do you feel like this too? Some weeks just seem to be packed with so many things that I feel a bit dizzy if I stop to think about it all! You know I say that homemade food is always best, but thank goodness us busy people can also rely on other brands that care about our health, and make lovely clean products that we can buy when we need to.

BodyMe Protein Bars 1How does a tasty, organic, raw, handmade, clean protein bar sound to you? It sounded good to me, so I could not wait to try these new bars from BodyMe as I loved their organic acai berry powder that I used in my acai berry bowl or the insane chocolate and orange cake. There are three different flavour protein bars to choose from – cacao orange, chia vanilla and cacao mint.

BodyMe Protein Bars 8They sounded lovely but as always, I checked the ingredients to make sure there were no nasties lurking in there, and was very happy to only find clean, vegan ingredients in all of them. These include pea/rice/hemp protein, cacao nibs, cashews, dates, coconut oil and chia seeds.BodyMe Protein Bars 3 BodyMe Protein Bars 4

Now you might think that you don’t want a protein bar if you are not pumping iron at the gym, but eating something high in protein is good for everyone because that is what fills you up the most when you are hungry. You won’t suddenly turn into Arnie overnight! These bars have 16g of protein, which is very high for a bar that doesn’t contain whey protein powder. I have tried whey protein bars in the past and they are usually stuffed with lots of artificial everything, as well as tasting sickly sweet, yuk!BodyMe Protein Bars 2

So let us get back to the taste. The first thing I noticed about the bars is that they are a lovely big size, so you might find that you eat half and feel satisfied enough to leave the other half for the next day. The caca orange has orange oil in it, so the taste is of real oranges, nothing artificial. You get a lovely crunch from the cacao nibs and the chocolatey orange flavour of the whole bar is scrumptious.BodyMe Protein Bars 6

The chia vanilla is different in that the vanilla is very subtle, so it is perfect if you like your flavours to be more gentle. The chia seeds gave a little crunch with every bite, so it was very satisfying to eat. The cacao mint is perfect if you love fresh, minty flavours and this comes from the peppermint oil. Chocolate and mint is always a tasty combination, so add in the crunchy cacao nibs and I was in heaven.BodyMe Protein Bars 9

These bars are perfect for keeping in your bag, desk or when you fancy something clean, sweet and tasty. You could have them before working out, if you are on the run at lunchtime or for an after dinner treat. Seriously guys, they are so filling that I bet you will only eat half anyway, which makes them last even longer!BodyMe Protein Bars 5

BodyMe have kindly offered you lovely readers a special deal that you cannot get anywhere else – any 3 flavours + postage for only £6.99!

  • Use this special link to go to the BodyMe website
  • Add 3 bars of your favourite flavours to your basket (obviously cacao orange if you’re making this recipe)
  • Add discount code TCG3BAR and click ‘update order’. Total is now £6
  • Click ‘Continue to Checkout’ and select ‘Delivery Option £0.99 standard 2 to 3 days

This offer is available until 31st October 2016, so try them out soon so that you have time to get more if you love these as much as me!

I think this is a brilliant way to try something new, plus have organic, clean emergency snacks readymade that will keep you on track with your healthy eating when time is short. Did I mention how big they are, haha?!

If you love these protein bars as much as I do, you can follow BodyMe on Facebook ,Twitter  and Instagram .

Let me know what you think of the bars, my favourite is definitely the minty one!

Much love,


Disclaimer:  I’m a proud affiliate of BodyMe which means if you use my links to purchase the item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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