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Healthy chocolate glazed brownie recipe

There are hundreds of brownie recipes that are healthy, tasty, gluten/dairy free and all that jazz, but then there is my healthy chocolate glazed brownie recipe developed by me – a little goes a long way! This is my favourite treat. If you’re a dark chocolate lover like me, this decadent brownie is perfect for […] Read more…

Healthy plum galette recipe

Plums are in season now and you can get a nice box for as little as 39p! Today I am sharing a very seasonal, delicious and healthy plum galette recipe.  Delicious and mostly a dark purple colour, plums have no saturated fats, are full of minerals and vitamins and help to increase the absorption of […] Read more…

Healthy almond banana muffins recipe

Lush, gluten and dairy free, naturally sweetened, perfectly healthy almond banana muffins recipe made with basic ingredients and it's all done in a blender!

Calling all lazy bakers! I have something for you today. Healthy almond banana muffins recipe that is all done in a blender. That’s it. No cleaning up after, no major aftermath, just wash the blender while these delicious muffins are being baked. It’s September, can you believe it?! I am sad because it means the […] Read more…

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