Last weekend I attended Bread and Jam Festival which is packed full of fantastic start-up foodies with their own businesses. I went there to speak on a press panel with my friend and PR guru Charlotte, who has her own small business, Smoothie PR.She isn’t your usual expensive type of agency – she really cares about food start-ups and small businesses and has created something called The Smoothie Bar.Basically, she gives you lots of PR opportunities to follow up and you can do your own PR in 10 minutes a day for only £49 per month. I’ve been a member since last year and have got all of my PR through her including a feature in Woman magazine, my cooking demos at the Love Natural, Love You show and loads more. I was there all weekend on her stand telling everyone how they can get their own little brand out there and it was so much fun! While there I discovered all these new amazing brands with delicious treats, so I thought I would share them with you!MANILIFE. Omggg I literally struggle to describe how this looks, tastes and smell. Born in Argentina, made in London, these peanut butters are something else. They are made with HI-Olec peanuts (super peanuts with healthier fats) with no added sugar or palm oil. I have got the Deep Roast version and the Original one.Next up is KINOMI. Kinomi (nuts in Japanese) is owned by the lovely Hiromi (also Japanese) and takes traditionally flavoured nuts to the next level. Think amazing nuts, intriguing spices and a lot of Japanese flavours. They are vegan, gluten-free and stunningly packaged! Hiromi also sells Barus nuts which in comparison to almonds have just about the same amount of protein, but 30% less fat, which should make people who worry about their fat intake happy.Sweet Pea Pantry makes healthier and delicious mixes for pizza dough, pancakes, flapjack and biscuits. Managed by best friends and parents Philippa and Tanya, these award-winning great-tasting baking mixes are all vegan, with no refined or added sugar, very easy to make and very easy to eat. They have some gluten-free options too!
Next up is turmeric latte from SUGAVIDA. SugaVida, also known as Palmyra blossom sugar, is (according to SugaVida), the healthiest natural sugar on the planet. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. What’s more, SugaVida is the only known plant-based source of bio-available vitamin B12! Their turmeric latte is delicately spiced and tastes absolutely delicious! It can be enjoyed hot and cold and my Sofia loves it mixed with rice milk as a new bedtime drink!
I loved meeting Alessandra and her NONO TRUFFLES. She has created these little treats because of her son who follows an allergy-friendly diet with no nuts, dairy, egg, yeast, GMO or preservatives. I had the pleasure to taste her cinnamon and raspberry truffles and they are lovely, delicious little treats all lovingly handmade in small batches.Last but not the least is the BORINGLY GOOD ALMOND NULK! They blend almonds with water to create a non-dairy milk alternative that tastes absolutely delicious. They call it NULK – NUt miLK. It is by far the creamiest and thickest almond milk I have ever tried. Run by husband and wife, Rhian and Gerry, their almond nulk is the UK’s first cold-pressed nut milk brand with only the bare essential ingredients – almonds, water and salt. They never heat the Nulk so it keeps its delicious and pure taste. They have loads of different flavours and they also got a 2 Star Great Taste award this year!

So here are my latest discoveries, what have you been loving?
Much love,


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