Hello, I am back with my current favourites and new finds. We have a lot today, so let’s get right into it.Number one is a massive shout out to my lovely friend and fellow blogger Jo, from Including Cake and most of all, her amazing sprinkle toppings Wholeplus. Her toppings are just incredible as she uses whole ground dates infused with coconut, seeds and other nutrient-rich foods. Moreover, they are not just for breakfast, but you can sprinkle them in yoghurt, smoothies, mix with nut butters to create energy balls, use in cakes and desserts or simply to enjoy as a little treat. She has just launched her subscription box where each month you get to taste 4 different flavours. I was lucky to get the following flavours: Toffee Pudding, Choco Coconut, Tropical Dream and Gingerbread and genuinely loved every single one of them. Please check out Jo’s toppers here and I promise that you will come back and thank me for recommending her!

Next up is all of the amazing new products in Aldi. We have Paleo Muesli,  green pea penne, red lentil penne, Rhythm108 tea biscuits, buckwheat pasta, pea protein and hemp protein. Try the pasta with my spicy tomato sauce as it really goes so well together. Just remember not to overcook it otherwise, it will go all mushy! The protein powders wprk well in my hemp smoothie or even peanut butter jelly smoothie.

Next up is all of the new products at Sainsbury’s. I mean they are rocking it! Pip and Nut almond milk, two different types, Quaker super goodness porridge, Rude Health banana berry oats, I Quit Sugar muffin mix, Paleo Mix, Cookie Mix and Protein Ball Mix. Creative Nature Brownie Mix, Chia and Mulberry muffin mix.

Also, I finally got to treat myself to a cold brew from Califia Farms made with almond milk and no added sugar! They have small and big bottles and it is not cheap, but as the occasional treat I don’t mind the extra pennies!

Last but not least are Nush yoghurts. They are not the cheapest but I will allow myself to spend on these every now again.

I forgot to mention you can now get Califia Farms coconut milk and almond milk with no added carrageenan and 50% more calcium than cow’s milk. Carrageenan is a food additive used to thicken some food and drinks and it can irritate your bowels or cause bloating, so if you can, avoid products with it.

Finally, my last obsession is The Jam Goddess. Mark and I have been working with her to create photos and videos for her jams. They have no refined sugars, contain loads of fruit and have added chia seeds for great texture and healthy fats. You can read all about it here.

I must not forget to mention my two latest recipes; blackberry tart and light guacamole. I love the blackberry tart and baking doesn’t get easier than this!

Clean, simple and healthy blackberry tart recipe made with a handful of ingredients that you already have in your cupboard. Gluten and dairy free too!

What have you been loving lately?
Much love,

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