I need to share my latest discovery with you. As you might or might not know, I love tea. Not only the traditional cuppa made with coconut milk (not the tinned one), but also herbal and fruit teas. I think the whole world must know about my tea obsession because I get sent loads to taste test. When the fab people from Daily Cultures approached me for a review of their tea with probiotics, I jumped on it straight away.

Yes, you read that correctly, tea with probiotics! The very first probiotic tea in the UK. This is something incredibly exciting for me because being plant-based means there are only a few products and foods that contain probiotics, unless you want to go the supplement route or eat dairy. I also love that you can’t taste ‘the cultures’; the tea tastes lovely with absolutely zero aftertaste.

Daily Cultures says on the packaging that unlike bacteria used in dairy cultures, their good bacteria are unaffected by boiling water or stomach acid. They only come alive when they are at home in the gut, which makes them 10x more effective.

I have asked them to explore this further for me and here is what they said:

Our good bacteria are surrounded with a naturally occurring shell, which survives hot boiling water and stomach acid. This is unlike bacteria used in dairy products, so all of our good bacteria reach the gut making us 10 times more effective than yoghurts or yoghurt drinks. Our bacteria are taste free so we hope you enjoy a delicious better for you cup of tea”

I must say, I have been drinking their tea religiously every morning for the past 3 weeks and my digestion has never felt better. I have a very flat stomach, no bloating and (TMI warning) regular bowel movements too!

The Daily Cultures range consists of Breakfast Tea, Green Tea and Peppermint Tea. Each pack has 14 individually wrapped tea bags and every cuppa boasts over one billion friendly bacteria. I was lucky to receive their green tea and peppermint tea to taste, test and review. I must say, the peppermint is brilliant, not too strong, fresh with a bit of zing. Same goes for the green tea, which I find light and refreshing. I love it with a slice of fresh lemon or few leaves of fresh mint.

Daily Culture has kindly offered a very special offer for you my lovely readers: The code is HEDI and you save £1; it’s valid for 1 month only and can be used once. Just go and take a look here

You can buy the tea in following stores:

Sainsbury’sAmazon  and Holland and Barrett online but they only sell the Breakfast and Green Tea. You can also find them at Wholefoods and selected Independent health food stores.

You can connect with Daily Cultures on their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. As for me, I am off to make another brew!

Much love,

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