I’ve been subscribed to SourcedBox for a while and have never been disappointed so far. There is so much variety and I discover a new brand or product every month. When some of you recently asked me what I snack on, I thought I would do a quick review for you here as healthy snacking is my thing!Delicious healthy snacks from SourcedBox perfect when you just starting out with healthy snacking or when you are bored of traditional supermarket snacks.It was founded by two of the most famous UK YouTube stars: Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. Niomi has also released a brilliant healthy cookbook called Eat Smart which has a proud spot on my cookbook shelf. You can check it here
First of all, I am so happy it fits through the letterbox of our flat. Our local post office is a bit of a nightmare to get to and it can be done only by car which I don’t always have available, so I am very happy I don’t have to wait for the postman.
Secondly, the box comes packaged in a waterproof cover which is just perfect for the temperamental British weather. The goodies are well packed in a nice tissue paper with a sticker, and it feels like a lot of thought has gone into making the box the best it can be (ys, I’m easily impressed by little touches like this). The monthly fee is £18.95 which is quite expensive in comparison to other food subscription boxes however, as the name of the box implies, all the foods were sourced from companies with a positive environmental outlook, which for me is very important. You can also purchase a one-off box for £21.95 which I think would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present.

Healthy SnackingLet’s have a look at my November box to give you an idea of what’s inside:
– Love Raw – Cacao and Cardamom dairy-free drink. Tastes smooth and luxurious; my Sofia loved it and I love the ingredients: Water, Date Nectar, Cacao, Cardamom and Sea salt.
– Crunch Coconut Bites from Ape which are baked not fried, with a sprinkle of cocoa. Really tasty and a good snack on the go.
– 2 tea samples, IMMUNITEA and MULTEA from Tplus – both green teas blended with different herbs and spices, perfect when you need it most on these cold and wet November nights.
-2 sachets of nut butters from Mindful Bites – love, love these flavours. One was cashews and baobab, the other hazelnut and berries. Brilliant for portion control, which I have zero when it comes to nut butters.
– Livia’s Biccy Boms with salted maca caramel flavour. I really liked it but Mark wasn’t so keen.
– Carrot Cake bar from Wild Trail made only with 5 ingredients. Tasted really nice on my porridge!
– Nourish coconut macaroon which is dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve the fresh and natural goodness from the organic wholefood ingredients. Went well with one of the tea samples!
– Dental pastilles with strawberry flavour… sadly had no chance to taste it because Sofia has confiscated this as soon as the box was opened! But it sounds rather good being made from 100% xylitol and natural strawberry flavouring. Peppersmith claims that these are highly recommended by dentists to improve your dental hygiene. I will check with mine next time I am in.
– Apple pie protein bar from Creative Nature which is first high protein snack to win a Great Taste Gold Star… and I know why!
Let’s be honest no food subscription box would be complete without a chocolate bar and SourcedBox always adds one. This month was Loving Earth salted caramel on a dark truffle layer. PURE BLISS!
My favourite product was the Sweet n’ Smokin chickpea puffs from Hippeas – these are perfect instead of traditional crisps. Spiced with paprika, smoked sea salt and a touch of onion, they are high in fibre and a good source of daily protein.Delicious healthy snacks from SourcedBox perfect when you just starting out with healthy snacking or when you are bored of traditional supermarket snacks.
Most of the sweet treats in the box are refined sugar and artificial sweetener-free, as well as free from dairy, wheat, gluten and lactose. In my opinion, these are good alternatives to your usual calorific yumminess. The main perk of SourcedBox is that you get to try a range of healthy snacks that you can actually purchase in the future if you discover something you like.
I believe healthy snacking doesn’t have to be hard, and this is when SourcedBox comes in very handy. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of healthy eating, or are getting tired of the same boring traditional mainstream snacks, this box is a great choice. The presentation and packaging of the box adds further value and I would highly recommend this to any foodie out there. Also, this is ideal if you’re embarking on a plant-based diet and are still trying to get your head around what you can eat.
I want to make it clear that this isn’t a sponsored post, and I’m sharing the referral code with you just in case you wanted to check them out here
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