Healthy yogurt parfait recipe - Image 1I am a big fan of soya; I love tofu, miso soup, tamari soya sauce and many more. Soya began to be increasingly popular in the last years. It is one of the foods that vegetarians and vegans often choose as it can be a great substitute for meat.

However, its uses extend much more than that as it can replace nearly any animal by-product. It is also often used for yogurts, which I love and want to talk about today before I tell you how to make super delicious and healthy yogurt parfait with my simple chocolate granola.Healthy yogurt parfait recipe - Image 2


I have done a little bit of internet research, so let’s see what are the pros and cons of soya, particularly when it comes to yogurts:

What Are the Pros of Soya?

  • Due to the fact that it lacks lactose, as well as other components of cow’s milk, it allows people with lactose intolerance or cow’s milk allergy to enjoy the taste and benefits of yogurt. Moreover, the absence of lactose (the sugar occurring in milk) also entails that the alternatives are much more easy to digest.
  • It contains good bacteria such as Streptococcus Thermophiles or Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, well-known for their positive effects on digestion. Soya yogurt is also rich in natural probiotics
  • It can be a great substitute even in baking and used just like cow’s milk for any purpose in the kitchen. Baked dishes taste delicious as the flavourful texture resembles whole milk.
  • It is more suitable for people who want to be slimmer. It has less calories and sugar, while having more fibres and the same amount of calcium. If you compare a serving of soya milk versus cow’s milk (a glass), the latter usually has over 100 calories, no fibres and 13 g of sugar.

Also, unlike regular yogurt, soy yogurt contains iron too and it has lower levels of saturated fat. Taken into consideration that it has the creaminess of full-fat cow’s milk, this is definitely a great advantage.

  • Soya contains important amounts of proteins. The beans are richer in protein than all the other legumes. So it is suitable and recommended for individuals who work out too.
  • It is a great alternative for vegetarians and vegans. They can eat yogurt without making any compromise when it comes to their diet. Soya is definitely a must-have for anyone who embraces these diets as it provides more diversity, allowing you to add flexibility to the eating habits. With products made of soya such as soya yogurt, you never feel deprived of anything.
  • It is cruelty-free. Vegans and vegetarians are often concerned regarding the ethics behind cow’s milk used for mass production, as there is evidence to show that farmers or companies tend to stimulate milk production in various ways. Soy eliminates any doubts and provides a totally safe solution that you can bet it is in the best interest of cows.
  • It is healthier. There is no cholesterol involved and the amount of sodium or fat is reduced to a minimum, which automatically makes it a friendlier option for people who are trying to lose weight as well.
  • Soya is free of bovine growth hormones (rBGH), insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and antibiotics. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding them as these matters are subject of serious numerous health-related concerns. The production of milk is stimulated by IGF-1 and rBGH increases its production. Cows with mastitis or other problems are treated with antibiotics, which end up in milk.
  • Soy milk has a soothing effect on a number of inconveniences. For example, some women might suffer from hot flashes through menopause. Soy milk can alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms.Healthy yogurt parfait recipe - Image 3

 What Are the Cons of Soya?

  • Some people might be allergic to soya. However, these cases are usually very rare, especially compared to the ones with lactose intolerance or milk allergy.
  • As nearly anything else, soya could be genetically modified. However, there aren’t clear studies to prove that this automatically implies a much lower quality. I have asked Provamel and Alpro which are amongst the most popular soya yogurts out there and they have confirmed their products don’t contain any genetically modified ingredients. Thumbs up from me!
  • Soya yogurt and other soya products are more difficult to find than regular dairy. The variety is not as generous in many supermarkets. I know my favourite Provamel will be soon available in Waitrose, so watch out.

 Why Soya Is Still Better Than Cow’s Milk?

Cow’s milk has been pretty controversial lately. Not to mention that many people can’t eat any yogurt or dairy products even if they wanted to due to intolerance or allergy.

Soya is not only a great alternative for these individuals or for vegans and vegetarians, but also overall better than cow’s milk due to the fact that it comes with lots of benefits and no major downsides.

Time to share the recipe for healthy yogurt parfait.

Healthy yogurt parfait recipe - Image 4

Healthy yogurt parfait


  • ½ cup my Simple Chocolate granola
  • 1 cup Provamel soya almond yogurt (or your favourite yogurt)
  • Handful raspberries
  • Drizzle Coconut Merchant syrup


  1. Spoon half of the granola into a clear glass. Top with half of the yogurt, repeat one more time and top up with raspberries.
  2. Drizzle with coconut syrup and place in the fridge until ready to devour.

Please note I am no dietician or nutritionist. All above is just my opinion based on my internet research. At the end of the day we all have our opinions , but that doesn’t necessarily make us right, so please feel free to do your own research and see for yourself

Much love,

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