When our son Lane (14), who has Williams Syndrome asked for a phone, safety and being able to control what he sees and does not see were our main concerns. When Monqi, a smartphone designed to be a child’s first phone approached us, we knew that this was exactly what we had in mind.

Here’s the Monqi Smartphone for kids review

Package contains:
We have bought it for Lane for Christmas and the delivery was very quick and the box was well packaged to ensure no damage during transit.There was a phone, charger, protective case, sim card, headphones. 

Initial set up:
What we were the most impressed with is that you manage your child’s phone via an app! You download the monkey app, scan it through to connect both phones together and that’s it. No emails, no downloading of any software and no account set up. Next, you put in your child’s details in such as name and photo and they are good to go.

The best bits:
You can track your child’s whereabouts although if they are not on a wifi connection, it can be a bit temperamental.
The phone seems very sturdy. Lane has dropped the phone several times and there’s been no damage so far. A parent must approve all contacts, so you always know who they are talking to or messaging. The phone can also only accept calls from numbers that are listed as contacts.
For app downloads, the parent always must approve it first and at the approval stage, you have the option to set time limits too which is good. We really liked the scheduling option on the parent app. For example, you can set your child’s phone to lock 5 minutes before you leave for school (all dramas avoided).
We also like being able to remotely lock the phone from the app so they can’t use it during school time.
Because our son has Williams Syndrome, he can display obsessive behaviour (such as watching YouTube endlessly), so we liked that we have the option to disable the whole phone with one press of a button.The bits that could be improved:
The battery doesn’t last very long even if you’re not actively using the phone and it drains really quickly.
The headphones are not the best quality and Lane couldn’t bear them in his ears.
There is a far greater range of iOS apps available compared to the Android apps you can download (subject to parental approval of course).Overall Impression:
We would recommend Monqi to other parents, especially for those with children who have special needs. Fo, us the worry with traditional phones was safety and quick access to inappropriate content. Monqi was and is the perfect choice for us, even though it needs a bit of tweaking. We would say this phone is suitable for children aged between 7 – 11 years old. Children are exposed to technology at a much younger age these days so having a product like this available that is suitable for younger children is perfect. On the whole, the concept is good and the customer service is spot on. You can check Monqi in here.

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