The reason why most people get overweight is that they overeat. The inability to control portions and overlooking the importance of balanced meals every day makes the extra pounds pile up. Even if you stop snacking, it is not unheard of to become overweight, even if you just stick to the main meals of the day. So it is highly important to learn more about portion control in order to avoid losing control over your weight.

Clean and healthy homemade bread
Homemade bread, click on the photo to get the recipe

How Much Is The Right Size Or Portion?

Portion sizes are directly linked with body weight, slimming down, gaining weight and obesity. In order to calculate the right one that you should have you can use simple estimations. Here are the ideal portion sizes for the most commonly encountered foods:

Bread: It is enough to eat a slice of bread that is as long and as thick as your hand.

Meat: Regardless of the meat you want to eat, stick to a piece that is as big as the size of your palm.

Granola, fruits and vegetables: The portion should be about the size of your fist. However, when it comes to vegetables, you can eat more without worrying that you will go overboard as they are low in calories.

Snacks: Forget about big bags of chips and sweets. Go for nuts and seeds for that intriguing salty flavour and for dried fruits for your sweet tooth. These snacks should fit in the palm of your hand.  Baby carrots, cauliflower or broccoli are great snacks too and here you can even forget about portion size.

Clean nut and seed clusters
Clean nut and seed clusters, click on the image to get the recipe

Mixed meals: They sure vary in number of calories. To keep things simple, the right portion is not bigger than the palm of your hand or your fist.

Tips To Have A Balanced Meal And The Right Portion Size:

– When people place their food on big plates or bowls, they always tend to overeat. Go for small or moderately-sized ones to avoid stuffing too much food.

– Things get tricky when you go to a restaurant. Don’t force yourself to eat everything. If you are on a tight budget, don’t be shy to ask the waiter if you could take the leftovers home. There is no shame in that. After all, you paid for it. Also, if you go there with your friends, suggest to them all that you each take a few different meals that you can then share. Diversity will help you eat less and feel full faster.

– A balanced meal should contain protein, carbs, fruit and vegetables. Eating heavy meals like steak and fries has nothing to do with balance.

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– Start your meal with a salad. You will be less prone to eat a lot of the other foods.

– No matter how hungry you are, chew well each and every bite. Otherwise you will want to add more food and surpass the right portion size. It is important to give yourself time to digest too. Also, stop when you aren’t hungry anymore.

–  If you enjoy snacks while watching TV, get yourself a portion into a bowl. Don’t eat any snacks right from the packet. Even the healthiest snacks can add pounds if you overeat.

– Forget about sauces and soft drinks. They are loaded with calories and they will wreck your efforts if you use them along with a balanced meal in the right portion size.

– Remember that it matters what you eat too, not only how much you eat. Go for healthy foods.

– Don’t skip meals. When you are feeling hungry, you will make wrong choices and eat like there is no tomorrow.

– When you really can’t resist having ice cream or chips, measure the serving displayed on the food label and allow your taste buds to enjoy it. This applies to pre-packaged foods too.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you need more help how about joining the next 3 Month Clean Eating challenge? It is truly life-changing. You can find out more about it in here

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    Thanks for the guidelines. Great to have a portion monitor, literally in my hands 😊


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