I want to start this post with a thank you to my lovely tribe who’ve taken part in the 3-month clean eating challenges. It was you who introduced me to the app See How You Eat and once I started using it, I absolutely loved it!

I’ve used other food tracking apps in the past like My Fitness Pal that count calories, but I soon got bored of filling them in and they were just another app on my phone I never really used. When my clean eating challengers told me how much they loved See How You Eat, I thought it would try it (but honestly, I thought it would probably end up the same way as the others). There are two versions so of course, I tried the free one first! It was really easy to use and the more I got into using it, the more I thought I might actually pay for the pro version because there were so many extra features on there.

The paid version has all the cool features of the free version. This includes things like seeing all your daily meals at glance and the meal reminders, but it also has lots of really easy to use assessments to track your progress. I think we can all forget just how well we are doing each day, bearing in mind we are all surrounded by so many snacks and treats, so I like to easily see that on my phone.

My absolute favourite bit in the coach app is the portion assessment and getting hearts for my meals. The number and colour of the hearts tell me how balanced my meals are. Even though I know lots about eating clean, there is never any harm in checking that I have enough veggies, good quality carbs and protein on my plate. The hunger meter is also very visual and helpful when so many of us snack because we are bored or thirsty. I like having that reminder that shows me I only had lunch an hour ago and I’m probably not really hungry at all!

One of my friends, who also downloaded the coach app, said she really benefited from the portion size assessment as she was so used to eating meals the same size as her husband. I find that quite a lot when talking to my challengers as automatically filling your plate full is such an easy trap to fall into.

The app also gives you tips how to give up the ‘dieting mentality’. Instead, it will help you to focus on living an 80/20 eating lifestyle and you can see at glance on the weekly page, how balanced your week has been. No one is perfect and we don’t need to be, but if you WANT to eat better then this really helps to remind you about the choices you have made. You can then decide if the next week needs to be tweaked a little bit or you just want to enjoy more of the same.

I think this app is perfect for people who really want to improve their eating habits and their health. We can all easily forget about the odd cookie, eating a few leftover chips from your kid’s plate or a bottle of wine at the weekend, but if you truly want to start making changes, this is a great way to do it. We can easily fool ourselves into thinking what we eat is pretty healthy anyway, it’s not until we take a truthful look that we realise the bits we could do to improve.

For a one-off payment of £7.99, this app is the best tiny investment I’ve made in my health for a long time. If you already have the app, let me know what your favourite section is. You can download the app in here

Much love,

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