veggie potAfter all the indulgence of Christmas here is a great dish which will make turkey and all the trimmings just a distant memory. Warming, hearty, pleasing both belly and soul this spicy bean and veggie pot  is bursting with essential nutrients and is packed full of flavours.veggie pot 1

The beauty of this dish is you can add whatever vegetables you have and it will always work. I like to top it up with some white yogurt to add a touch of creaminess and a sprinkle of crushed chilli for an extra kick. This is a good way to satisfy that craving for Indian take away food without having to compromise your healthy intentions.

veggie pot 2 As with all my recipes all ingredients are clean, healthy and nutritious. Take beans for instance who provide fibre, iron, magnesium and potassium. Chilli is not only good for a spicy kick, but also has anti-cancer and antiflamatory properties and last but not the last tomatoes full of vitamin A, C and folic acid. Perfection in my books. Serve it with zoodles or just on its own.veggie pot 4veggie pot 3

Recipe serves 4 not so hungry, or 2- 3 very hungry people.
1 onion
2 cloves of crushed garlic
1 diced carrot
1 diced red pepper
1 tin of kidney beans
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp of chilli powder
1,5 tsp of paprika
1,5 tbsp of coconut oil
salt and pepper to taste
Start by heating the coconut oil in a large pot. Add onions, garlic, carrot and pepper and fry until soften ( cca 5 mins). Next drain the beans and stir in together with tomatoes (with their juices) chilli powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Cover with a lid and let simmer on a low heat for around 30 minutes. Check and stir occasionally. Serve immediately although it tastes even better when re-heated the next day.

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