Spicy spelt pasta with broccoli and cherry tomatoes

If pasta hasn’t been on your household menu for a while because you are worried it will mess up with your clean eating determination,  I have good news.  Use spelt pasta instead,  team it with the right ingredients and it will pack a nutritional punch! Don’t forget to add a bit of chilli!  Not only it will give your pasta a kick,  it can boost your metabolism by 20%. Now that’s hot! I personally like Biona Org Wholemeal Spelt Penne.
Spicy spelt pasta with broccoli and cherry tomatoes

Some of  you may not know what spelt is. Spelt is a “good-for-you”  ancient  and medieval grain, widely recognized for its many health benefits. It is not gluten-free, but  it’s high in protein, vitamins, fibre and like other whole grains, a great addition to your diet. It has a nice nutty flavour ,is easily digested and can be used instead of wheat in most baking recipes, including bread and pizza crusts.

Ok, let’s get on with the recipe

Spicy wholegrain spelt pasta with broccoli and cherry tomatoes


  • Ingredients:
  • Spelt pasta, I used Biona Org Wholemeal Spelt Penne
  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 2 cloves of finely chopped or crushed garlic
  • olive oil
  • chilli according to preference
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes


  1. First cook the broccoli in the pot of water that you are going to use to cook your pasta. When the broccoli is tender remove from the pot and cut into small pieces.
  2. Use the same water to cook the pasta (follow the instructions on the packet). Get a pan and heat the olive oil on a low heat and then add the garlic and chilli.
  3. Fry for couple of minutes before stirring in the broccoli with a couple of tablespoons of the water from the pot.
  4. Mix well and cook for a few minutes before adding the chopped cherry tomatoes.
  5. Cook everything for another few minutes and season well with salt and pepper.
  6. When the pasta is ready, pour into the pan and mix everything well to combine the flavours.

If you like spelt flour and have any spare left in your cupboards try my Clean and healthy homemade bread, it’s delicious!

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