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Well, we all want to go green and eat organic foods but where can one go shopping and get truly organic and honest foods? If you are a lover of raw foods like me and looking for a brand that cares, the answer is Big Tree Farms. Since its humble beginnings on less than ½ an acre of land, Big Tree Farms has emerged as a pioneer in the provision of organic food, and ecology. In simple terms, it is a champion in production of all things raw, a philosophy that starts right at the top. Its mission is to work with 1000s of  small scale farmers and raise their standard of living through fair wages, and the provision of education on organic agriculture and sustainable living. As posted on their website, “Big Tree Farm” adopts a ‘best in category’ approach to producing organic food and how they produce it.” It offers us products we can trust to be the most nutritious and purest in their class. Its goal is to provide you with nutrients rooted in superior quality, transparency, honesty and traceability. Likey!


Big Tree Farms appreciates that diet is the most important ingredient for a happy and healthy life. If you would like to buy, use or try their product, here is my list of the top 5, all tried and tested by me and my family.

Coco Hydro Sport Original

My firm favourite, not only because I love coconut water. Big Tree Farms produced Coco Hydro to offer a sustainable alternative to the practice of shipping coconut water across the globe. Note that this water is only 3% nutrient and 97% water. Therefore, shipping it creates a significant carbon footprint by needlessly transporting the 97% of water just to obtain the valuable 3%. It is made by taking succulent Indonesian coconuts while at their optimal nutritional content, evaporating the water to concentrate the nutrients, and packaging it in easy to use, convenient to carry packets. Coco hydro is rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and manganese; the five electrolytes your cells and heart needs the most. It is eco-friendly – you will not be carrying 97% water across the globe just to get 3% of the nutrients, contains no refined sugars and has high electrolyte content.I personally like the taste and have used it in smoothies or just simply mixed it with smoothie

Organic Vanilla Coconut Sugar

Big Tree Farm Organic coconut sugar is nature’s perfect sweetener. It is made from pure flower blossom nectar of the coconut tree and it is high in nutrients. In addition, it is unrefined, and can be used in anything where you would use normal or cane sugar. It is has a low glycemic index of less than 40, and it is among the most sustainable sweeteners in the whole entire universe 🙂

chocolate pancakes
Chocolate pancakes sprinkled with cashew and cacao clusters

Cashew-Cacao Clusters

My family favourite is a mix of organic raw cashews and cacao nibs sweetened with low glycemic coconut nectar. In addition, a little amount of wild harvested Balinese sea salt is added. It is gluten-free, organic and fully vegan made using 100% raw cashews and cacao nibs. It’s enriched with coconut nectar and loaded with manganese, zinc, copper and iron. They are incredible when eaten alone, but you can also sprinkle them on your porridge, pancakes, yogurt, desserts and much more! Scroll down for Chocolate pancake recipe:-)

Organic cacao nibs

My little Sofia’s top favourite packed lunched item are these little cacao nibs. Raw cacao is a great source of antioxidants and nutrients. It’s one of the best health energy snacks. In addition, it is very rich in anandamide, loaded with antioxidants,organic, gluten-free, fully vegan and never heated beyond 46C. It tastes amazing in yogurt,on its own out of the pack or even in the kids packed lunches.cacao nibs

Organic drinking chocolate

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you want to curl up with a blanket, read a book and sip on an amazing cup of hot chocolate. This hot chocolate is the ultimate mood and energy balancer which is highly loaded with antioxidants compared with the ordinary roasted chocolate. Let’s not forget to mention it is gluten-free, organic and vegan.

These items are sure to become your favorites! Give them a try today and you won’t regret it! Plus be sure to browse around and get familiar with all that Atreea has to offer. They have great products that will allow you to live a healthy lifestyle.


Chocolate pancake recipe:
1 ripe banana
1 egg
1 tsp of raw cacao
1 tsp of Big Tree Farms coconut sugar (optional)
Cashew cacao clusters
Mash up the banana and whisk together with the egg, raw cacao and coconut sugar. Heat up a frying pan and gently fry in coconut oil for 30 seconds on each side. Serve with your favourite yogurt and very generous sprinkle of cashew cacao clusters. Enjoy!

Much love,


Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive samples of above mentioned products, but this is not a sponsored post and I will not receive any payment from Atreea. I thought I would share what I like and what is good for me and my belly. 

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