• clean-eating-wholemeal-bread-recipe-8

    Clean eating wholemeal bread recipe

    ly A couple of weeks ago I attended a lovely baking workshop with Marriage’s flour at the beautiful Regal Kitchens in Chelmsford. It was so fabulous to watch a skilled baker making beautiful bread from scratch. You all always ask about healthy bread recipes, so here I am sharing what I learned with my clean eating […] Read more…

  • clean eating quinoa porridge recipe 4

    Clean eating quinoa porridge recipe

    I love porridge and have it for breakfast almost every single day (yes in summer too) but every now again I fancy something different, so today I am sharing with you a clean eating quinoa porridge recipe. The food blogging world is amazing. You get to meet so many people with the same passion and […] Read more…

Cakes, Desserts & Treats

  • clean-eating-whipped-cream-recipe-4

    Clean eating whipped cream recipe

    Oh yes, my dearest when you eat clean you can whip clean too with this is clean eating whipped cream recipe. It tastes so lovely and can be made with only 1 or 2 ingredients, making it a clean eating dream come true. Loads of you lovely readers keep asking me how to enjoy whipped […] Read more…

  • clean-eating-pumpkin-muffin-recipe-3

    Clean eating pumpkin muffin recipe

    Autumn is a wonderful season, especially as far as food is concerned. You get to eat food that is flavoursome and comforting, not unlike that lovely thick and soft blanket that lies on your sofa in your living room 🙂 My clean eating pumpkin muffin recipe is no different. Well, you can’t wrap yourself in […] Read more…

Lunch & Dinner

  • clean-eating-sweet-potato-lentil-soup-recipe-6

    Clean eating sweet potato lentil soup recipe

    The summer and even the Indian summer is over now, In fact, I have just put my heating on at home. However rather than being sad about it let’s enjoy and embrace the longer autumn nights…and what better way than with my clean eating sweet potato lentil soup recipe. I love sweet potatoes and I […] Read more…

  • clean-eating-chickpea-fritters-recipe-016

    Clean eating chickpea fritters recipe

    Happy Friday! I am amazed how beautiful the weather has been here in Essex. It is not that warm, but the sun has been out a lot of the time and although I am starting to crave more comforting food, salads are still on the menu. I just need something more substantial and filling to […] Read more…


  • clean-eating-apricot-energy-balls-recipe-2

    Clean eating apricot energy balls recipe

    I have never felt so relaxed as I do right now! We all need to switch off sometimes, so when an invite came into my inbox to join a bloggers meet at the stunning Life House Spa hotel, I immediately said yes. This is also where I got the clean eating apricot energy balls recipe. […] Read more…

  • clean eating nut free cracker recipe 1

    Clean eating nut free cracker recipe

    Nowadays it seems everyone has some kind of  food intolerance or allergy and some of the most common ones are nut or gluten allergies. This is the time when my clean eating nut free cracker recipe comes in and steals the show! No nuts, no gluten, no sugar, just 3 simple ingredients. Before we get to […] Read more…

Tried & Tested

  • 008-3

    How to use mason jars

    Mason jars are probably the trendiest types of jars out there and I know that all of the food bloggers out there love to use them in their Instagram photos. There are so many ways how to use mason jars that it’s almost mandatory to get a few for your own home too. And I […] Read more…

  • Gate restaurant review 005

    The Gate restaurant review

    Although I really love cooking and coming up with tasty, new clean eating recipes, I also love to go out and eat food that other people have made! The Gate vegetarian restaurant invited me to come and try their menu as they pride themselves on sourcing their ingredients with care and, they love celebrating the […] Read more…

Health & Fitness

  • Thriva Review 1

    Thriva review and my blood test results

    Are you interested to find out what is going on inside of your body when it comes to health? If so, I have a special discount code for you at the end of this post! You guys all know how much I love to eat a clean and healthy diet because it makes me feel […] Read more…

  • Hedi Hearts running in Sicily

    Top 10 tips to start running

    I love running, but never used to until 3 years ago when out of sheer despair I went out for a run!  From that first run I have fallen in love with running…well it’s a kinda love-hate relationship as it happens. Lots of you asked to write a post about my top 10 tips to […] Read more…