• Sweet potato smoothie with lingonberry recipe | Hedi Hearts

    Sweet potato smoothie with lingonberry recipe

    Oh yes, you heard it correctly.. sweet potato smoothie with lingonberry. Sweet potatoes in smoothies are the best thing ever..they add creaminess, texture and keep you satisfied for much longer than a usual smoothie. Attention all banana haters, this smoothie contains no banana, I said NO BANANA SMOOTHIE so give this one a try. To […] Read more…

  • Healthy breakfast bar recipe | Hedi Hearts Clean Eating

    Healthy breakfast bar recipe

    I am always in rush, please tell me I am not the only one.  Work, commute, family,  kids school activities, new recipes, friends, social life and more. Sometimes I honestly think there just isn’t enough hours in the day. This is when this healthy breakfast bar recipe comes in very handy. This is definitively one […] Read more…

Cakes, Desserts & Treats

  • Clean eating scones recipe 9

    Clean eating scones recipe

    I don’t why it took me so long to come up with a clean eating scones recipe.  Well maybe because I am not British (I am originally from the Czech Republic) and my partner Tony, well, he’s British and was born in London, but he grew up in a half Sicilian and half Irish household. […] Read more…

  • Simple apple galette recipe 9

    Simple apple galette recipe

    I love apple pies and apple crumble, so when I spotted on my Pinterest feed a photo of a savoury galette I immediately thought of creating a clean simple apple galette recipe. This was so much fun to make. I love how you literally fold the dough around the apples and then pop it in […] Read more…

Lunch & Dinner

  • Clean eating stuffed peppers recipe 11

    Clean eating stuffed peppers recipe

    I love peppers, my favourite are the red ones because of their sweet tangy taste, but also because red in general is one of my favourite colours. Today I am sharing my simple and delicious clean eating stuffed peppers recipe. This post is part of the EU-funded campaign called ‘It’s pepper time’. It is all about […] Read more…

  • clean eating falafel burger 012

    Clean eating falafel burger recipe

    Let me introduce you to my new obsession… clean eating falafel burger recipe! Oh my, this stuff is so good! Nearly as good and addictive as my dark chocolate cups I posted the other day. Have you made them yet? I love falafels and already shared a recipe for peanut butter falafels with you here […] Read more…


  • Clean eating tortilla wrap recipe | Hedi Hearts

    Clean eating tortilla wrap recipe

    Hello you lovely lot! Once again I feel this is no recipe, because it is so simple, but they say the simplest things in life are the best , so here is my clean eating tortilla wrap. All you need is water and your favourite flour. In this clean eating tortilla wrap recipe I am […] Read more…

  • Clean eating mayonnaise recipe | Hedi Hearts

    Clean eating mayonnaise recipe

    I know how badly you wanted it , so here it is…..roll out the red carpet for clean eating mayonnaise recipe! Personally I never liked mayonnaise, but I got so many requests to create it that I decided to make it just for you. Actually I am pleased how it turned out. I did  massive […] Read more…

Tried & Tested

  • How to stay healthy when travelling

    How to stay healthy when travelling

    Travelling is always fun. You finally take a break from the chaos of daily life and get to relax properly while visiting new places or places you already know and love. But it is also the time to “pamper” and “treat” yourself and that could involve unhealthy food as well. Today I am sharing with […] Read more…

  • Hedi hearts Love Natural show

    Updates from Hedi

    Happy Monday! I have 2 big announcements. Both equally exciting and important. 1.I have been shortlisted for THE 2016 THAT PROTEIN & HBC BLOG AWARDS. I am honoured to be considered and nominated. If you like my recipes and fancy voting for me click here , then enter your email address, select Recipe blog […] Read more…

Health & Fitness

  • last-minute-health-conscious-stocking-filler-gift-guide-under-15.00

    Last Minute Health Conscious Stocking Fillers Gift Guide For Under £15.00

    This year I havent really been on it when it comes to Christmas shopping. Between buying gifts, sending packages, finishing work, and writing Christmas cards, getting stocking fillers has been kind of forgotten. I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing people and some fab bloggers. One of them is Dani, she rocks and always […] Read more…

  • 20 gift ideas for that fit person in your life

    20 gift ideas for that fit person in your life

    Happy Friday! Meet Lucy, one of my favourite fitness bloggers, not only because she is a fellow Essex girl. I love her blog , tips and posts, so have asked her to pick 20 gift ideas for that fit person in your life….or maybe for yourself? I’m Lucy, I blog about all things fitness at […] Read more…