• clean-eating-wholemeal-bread-recipe-8

    Clean eating wholemeal bread recipe

    A couple of weeks ago I attended a lovely baking workshop with Marriage’s flour at the beautiful Regal Kitchens in Chelmsford. It was so fabulous to watch a skilled baker making beautiful bread from scratch. You all always ask about healthy bread recipes, so here I am sharing what I learned with my clean eating […] Read more…

  • clean eating quinoa porridge recipe 4

    Clean eating quinoa porridge recipe

    I love porridge and have it for breakfast almost every single day (yes in summer too) but every now again I fancy something different, so today I am sharing with you a clean eating quinoa porridge recipe. The food blogging world is amazing. You get to meet so many people with the same passion and […] Read more…

Cakes, Desserts & Treats

  • clean-eating-after-eight-bites-recipe-5

    Clean eating After Eight bites recipe

    December is here, so we can officially use Christmas emojis and play Christmas songs. I am a bit overwhelmed what Christmas recipe to create first but today I am sharing with you my clean eating After Eight bites recipe. This was one of the most requested ones, so lets get making! Before I share the […] Read more…

  • clean-eating-rocky-road-recipe-1

    Clean eating rocky road recipe

    Well hello there! You want a clean eating rocky road recipe? Then come and get it, it is so good you won’t even know it is healthy! This rocky road is more Christmassy but you could make it any time of the year. The recipe as always is very versatile, so swap cranberries and pistachios […] Read more…

Lunch & Dinner

  • hasselback-sweet-potato-with-guacamole-recipe-011

    Hasselback sweet potato with guacamole recipe

    If you don’t think that sweet potatoes and avocado is the perfect marriage, think again. Baked sweet potato together with creamy, lush avocado is pure perfection and so is this Hasselback sweet potato with guacamole recipe. I am not somebody who likes to brag or show off, but can I show you something? I have […] Read more…

  • clean-eating-cream-of-bean-soup-recipe-2

    Clean eating cream of bean soup recipe

    I have a new love….his name is Vitamix..he is tall, dark(ish) and very handsome! He is reliable, fast, can do anything and everything and is here for me for life. Today he made me this clean eating cream of bean soup recipe and that has sealed the deal with me forever….happily ever after. THE END! […] Read more…


  • clean-eating-spelt-rolls-recipe-013

    Clean eating spelt rolls recipe

    After the success of my spelt bread and wholemeal loaf, I am here with another delicious and super easy recipe for clean eating spelt rolls recipe. Bread is not the devil when you know what’s in it, or when it is freshly homemade as you won’t add those devilish extras like starches, chemicals, sweeteners and […] Read more…

  • clean-eating-pumpkin-spice-latte-recipe-1

    Clean eating pumpkin spice latte recipe

    Autumn is in full swing and with it comes all the autumn colours and flavours, thick scarves, comforting stews, bowls of steaming hot soup and my clean eating pumpkin spice latte recipe. Don’t worry about summer ending or the mayhem of Christmas creeping closer, instead, treat yourself and your loved ones to the ever so […] Read more…

Tried & Tested

  • live-cooking-with-giancarlo-caldesi

    Live cooking with Giancarlo Caldesi

    I really love cooking but sometimes even I want to be treated and cooked for by someone else. So you won’t be surprised to hear that when an invite came in asking me to watch somebody else cook, and then I get to eat it that I said YES! Leading kitchen and interior designer, Nicholas […] Read more…

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    How to use mason jars

    Mason jars are probably the trendiest types of jars out there and I know that all of the food bloggers out there love to use them in their Instagram photos. There are so many ways how to use mason jars that it’s almost mandatory to get a few for your own home too. And I […] Read more…

Health & Fitness

  • screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-24-11-002

    How to eat clean and healthy in Tenerife

    Last week, I visited the beautiful island of Tenerife. My good friend Mark from Fountainfotos (check  here his Instagram, he is so talented), asked me whether I fancied helping him with a little promotional video for an amazing hotel called Pearly Grey. Within seconds I said yes, not only because it meant visiting the largest of […] Read more…

  • how-to-get-rid-of-bloating-4

    How to get rid of bloating

    Bloating can be very annoying and quite painful experience, so today I want to share with you a few tips on how to get rid of bloating and keep your belly flat. These tips are my personal experience and what has worked for me, I am not a bloating specialist. If your symptoms are constant, […] Read more…