• Clean eating cereals recipe 005

    Clean eating cereal recipe

    I can never get bored of granola…ever! But my family can and they love the shop bought cereals, so I took on the challenge of creating my own cereals. Please welcome the latest addition to my blog clean eating cereal recipe aka ‘Clusters’. Simple, delicious , filling and full of good stuff. I bet you […] Read more…

  • Sweet potato smoothie with lingonberry recipe | Hedi Hearts

    Sweet potato smoothie with lingonberry recipe

    Oh yes, you heard it correctly.. sweet potato smoothie with lingonberry. Sweet potatoes in smoothies are the best thing ever..they add creaminess, texture and keep you satisfied for much longer than a usual smoothie. Attention all banana haters, this smoothie contains no banana, I said NO BANANA SMOOTHIE so give this one a try. To […] Read more…

Cakes, Desserts & Treats

  • Clean eating brownie recipe 4

    Clean eating brownies recipe

    OMG..I don’t know where to start, but let me tell you this clean eating brownies recipe is insane. I mean, insanely good, because it is chocolatey, gooey and absolutely delicious! I would love to take the credit for this recipe, but I can’t. Last week Dream, dairy-free brand, hosted an exclusive cookery event with Honestly Healthy’s […] Read more…

  • Clean eating scones recipe 9

    Clean eating scones recipe

    I don’t why it took me so long to come up with a clean eating scones recipe.  Well maybe because I am not British (I am originally from the Czech Republic) and my partner Tony, well, he’s British and was born in London, but he grew up in a half Sicilian and half Irish household. […] Read more…

Lunch & Dinner

  • Clean eating freekeh salad with strawberry vinaigrette recipe 1

    Clean eating freekeh salad with strawberry vinaigrette recipe

    The summer has finally arrived in Essex! Wohooo! This week is meant to be a heatwave in UK, so get your bikini and speedos ready ladies and gentlemen because knowing the UK, this is not going to last long! Today’s recipe is for clean eating freekeh salad with strawberry vinaigrette. The season of PYO (pick […] Read more…

  • Clean eating sweet potato gnocchi recipe 8

    Clean eating sweet potato gnocchi recipe

    The English summer has not disappointed this year… as every year there is basically no UK summer. It is cold, grey and there are torrential rain showers twice a day here in Essex. All I crave is comfort food, so here I am my lovely clean eaters, sharing my clean eating sweet potato gnocchi recipe! […] Read more…


  • clean eating nut free cracker recipe 1

    Clean eating nut free cracker recipe

    Nowadays it seems everyone has some kind of  food intolerance or allergy and some of the most common ones are nut or gluten allergies. This is the time when my clean eating nut free cracker recipe comes in and steals the show! No nuts, no gluten, no sugar, just 3 simple ingredients. Before we get to […] Read more…

  • Clean eating energy bars recipe 8

    Clean eating energy bars recipe

    I am a runner, well not the fastest runner, but I do love running. What I don’t love are the energy bars or gels to keep you energized while running. My stomach just can’t digest it, and after eating them I get that heavy stomach feeling and a sickening sweet after taste in my mouth. […] Read more…

Tried & Tested

  • Seasonal clean eating recipes 1

    Seasonal clean eating recipes

    The warm season is the best time to eat delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. But it might be tough sometimes to find high quality ones that don’t get spoiled in a snap. This is when my selection of seasonal clean eating recipes is just what you have been looking for. Keep in mind that all of […] Read more…

  • yumbles 4


    Food shopping every week is a bit of a boring-but-necessary task we all do, but you see how excited I get when I discover a bargain or something completely brand new, like when Tesco first started selling courgetti! I am always interested in finding new and exciting food brands, so let me tell you all […] Read more…

Health & Fitness

  • Thriva Review 1

    Thriva review and my blood test results

    Are you interested to find out what is going on inside of your body when it comes to health? If so, I have a special discount code for you at the end of this post! You guys all know how much I love to eat a clean and healthy diet because it makes me feel […] Read more…

  • Hedi Hearts running in Sicily

    Top 10 tips to start running

    I love running, but never used to until 3 years ago when out of sheer despair I went out for a run!  From that first run I have fallen in love with running…well it’s a kinda love-hate relationship as it happens. Lots of you asked to write a post about my top 10 tips to […] Read more…